Synopsis of Anthony Stephen Malone Covert Work.



Synopsis of Anthony Malone’s deep covert infiltration of the Al-Qaeda and Taliban, Pakistan Taliban networks from within Afghanistan (Continuation of counter-terrorism and intelligence work carried out between 2002-2007)

A)        Between 2007 and 2010 Anthony Malone infiltrated the Al-Qaeda and Pakistan Taliban terrorist networks up to leadership level and their trusted inner circles. This task was requested and ordered by senior American military intelligence stationed in Afghanistan. American senior officers also confirmed that Anthony had top-cover from the American Military/Government. This was for future protection against the British Foreign Office, who at a later date would try and accuse Anthony of being a terrorist and member of the Al-Qaeda, Pakistan Taliban terrorist network.

B)        Conservatively over 100 international terrorist attacks were stopped and disrupted by Anthony covertly feeding intelligence back to American military intelligence ( ****/American Military intelligence and Col ****) Major Campbell has confirm this fact in video interview.

C)        Infiltrating the “Talib Jan” (Who ordered the bombing of the “Finest” shopping centre, just across the road from the UK Embassy, Talib Jan Confirmed these facts in an Video Interviwe with Afghan NDS Intelligence Services) Also Talib Jan confirmed his suicide bombing network being coordinated from within Pul-i-Charkhi Prison Afghanistan. Anthony stopped over 100 suicide and IED attacks on ISAF American and British soldiers in Afghanistan by infiltrating and disrupting the terrorist network. Senior Afghan NDS Security Service officers confirmed information on Talib Jan and the terrorist network operating out of Pul-i-Charkhi prison. The story also printed in the British Daily Telegraph newspaper.

D)        Disrupting and stopping of terrorist attacks also included; the disruption of attacks in several county’s including, America, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, UAE, Europe and Cyprus.

E)        Anthony identified, while under deep cover within the Al-Qaeda, Pakistan Taliban terrorist network:

  • Weapons and explosives shipments.

  • Hostage locations.

  • HVT and safe house locations.

  • Terrorist leaders travel plans and routes.

  • International terrorist financing systems, including “bank account numbers” and names of front companies used for money laundering.

  • Intelligence concerning the identification and location of IED factories and international terrorists involved in bomb making across the Middle-East and the terrorist areas of operations.


    F)         Anthony worked closely with the British SAS Chief of Staff and his Blade Teams, resulting in several terrorist training camps being located in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This intelligence resulted in Air strikes on the camps, a large number of terrorists killed and future terrorist attacks on America and Britain stopped. (Confirmed in meeting between Sergeant Trevor Cooper (Anthony’s operations manager) and SAS Major in Hereford UK). Other task’s received from SAS COS included updates and reports of locations of other HVT’s and terrorist leaders including, Mullah Omar. (Copy of original reports available, Sergeant Trevor Cooper and members of Special Forces are also available to be discreetly interviewed).


    G)        Anthony’s deep infiltration also uncovered the Pakistan Taliban plans to detonate a large car bomb in Times Square New York. Intelligence covertly passed back to American Military Intelligence helped stop the 4x4 car bomb, parked in Time Square, before it detonated in a heavily populated area in New York City.


    H)        Al-Qaeda plans to attack HRH Queen Elizabeth, and members of the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, were intercepted and passed onto British SOCA/NCA in Afghanistan; Anthony gave this information to SOCA/NCA employee ****, long term SOCA/NCA contact and professional contact. **** had passed training with Anthony for the Parachute Regiment 15 years earlier. **** had also previously driven Anthony, covertly, to meetings within military bases with SOCA/NCA in Afghanistan. (**** is a witness to the above facts and information, interview also available).


    I)         Al-Qaeda operational note book containing hundreds of real names and contact phone numbers used within the Al-Qaeda, Pakistan Taliban international terrorist network. A copy of this critically important note book was sent by Anthony to British Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street London. A copy of the note book was also sent to the Director of MI6 at that time. (Copy of photographs of notebook and other exclusive photographs of inside Afghan Pul-i-Charkhi Maximum security prison are available) Important note; The original note book belonged to AKA Hussien Laghmani, the god-son of 2011 Al-Qaeda leader Al-Z, Hussien was the Quartermaster for AL-Qaeda, Pakistan Taliban and Lashkar e-Taiba operations, including the procurement of Stolen American Stinger missiles. Hussein was responsible for organizing the ordinace, for Lashkar e-Taiba, used in the Mumbai attack.


    J)         Anthony’s covert intelligence reports were shown to Col Bob Stewart (MP) by Sergeant Trevor Cooper. Within 15 minutes of reading the reports, Col Bob Stewart arranged for the reports to be taken into an official meeting at MOD HQ Whitehall London with senior MOD officials (all the above were present at the meeting) Copy of reports available. Report included photographs, names, car registration numbers and contact numbers of Pakistani Taliban suicide bombers living in London, UK.


    K)        During Anthony’s deep infiltration of the Al-Qaeda network within the Prison environment, over several years, he was officially tasked by American Military Intelligence (“Major” ****).  Tasking’s included the tracing, tracking and locating of Al-Qaeda leaders hiding in Pakistan, several Senior Al-Qaeda Commanders were located, including Al-Qaeda No 1 HVT, UBL. This comprehensive target package was personally handed to American Military Intelligence, ****, by Anthony.  This included; Location of UBL villa in Abbottabad, Pakistan:

  • UBL was also living and slept on the 3rd floor with one of his wives.

  • Other sensitive information and intelligence including military mission options and recommendations.

  • Phone numbers of trusted couriers used by the terrorist network between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


    Anthony and Major Campbell’s Personal Diaries confirm the date and location of UBL 8 months before UBL was targeted and killed by American Seal Team 6 at the above location). An “Index List” given to an American lawyer, also confirmed the Location of UBL, as well as a list of intelligence reports handed by Anthony to American Military Intelligence. Major Campbell was witness to the “Index List” being handed over personally by Anthony to a FCO lawyer. The lawyer confirmed that personally handed the “Index List” to ***, senior American Military Intelligence. (Chain of evidence for locating UBL). “Jeff” (pseudonym) the CIA Head of Humint (Human intelligence), based out of the American Embassy (Kabul), was also updated during a covert brief between Anthony and Jeff, which took place in Pul-i-Charkhi Prison. Major Campbell was witness to this meeting as well. Anthony personally updated Jeff on the location of UBL being located in a villa in Abbottabad Pakistan, this was 8 months before UBL was killed by American Special Forces, Seal Team 6.


    L)        Major terrorist attack on Kandahar Air Field (KAF) was disrupted from within Pul-i-Charkhi Prison. Hours before the attack, Anthony shorted the electric mains box in the prison block, this while the Al-Qaeda and Taliban were charging their mobile phone, Sat-Com’s/phones and laptop computers, all of which were being used to help coordinate the attack. This resulted in reducing the terrorist Command and Control ability, which resulted in a failed terrorist attack, having the overall effect of leaving the attack disorganized and disjointed. Following the attack, intelligence “confirmed” that the British PM, David Cameron, was sitting on-board a fully fueled military C130 transport aircraft, a mere 400 meters from one of the terrorist attacks which managed to infiltrate the airfield, and made their way to the runway.


    M)       Anthony identified and located the main terrorist IED factory and terrorist safe house at Al-Hatera Western Iraq. After an American military Special Forces mission against the target, attacks of American troops diminished within this area.


    N)        Malone used his extensive international terrorist network within Pul-i-Charkhi prison, and beyond, to trace and track American Stinger missiles and other SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles). Other military hardware including weapons grade plutonium and other material that terrorist groups were trying to obtain for dirty bombs also became a priority for Anthony and his team, who were directly involved in the counter proliferation of such material. (See report of meeting with American Major set up by **** SAS Special Forces Operations liaison officer, Bagram Air base Afghanistan)


    O)        GPS co-ordinates, and other terrorist Commanders tactical and strategic information was passed by Anthony to ****, who in turn passed information directly to Col **** (American Military Intelligence). Col **** also acknowledged the risk of this task and telephoned **** to thank him for passing on such critically time-sensitive information, which had saved American and British lives. (SMS correspondence available).


    P)         Anthony ascertained the date and time of a high number of terrorist attacks planned on American soldiers. An example of this was the planned multiple IED attack and sniper ambush on American soldiers (Senior American Intelligence Operatives) visiting Pul-i-Charkhi prison. The attack had been planned and put in place for 1500hrs, location; the Bridge just off Jalalabad Road backing onto the ISAF American base. The attack was disrupted; the American patrol and prison visit were rescheduled. Again American lives were saved. Within the week Anthony had identified a major IED factory, located in shipping-container company on the Jalalabad Road. This terrorist IED factory was posed to launch several attacks on British and American soldiers patrolling along the Jalalabad road from their Forward Operating Bases (FOB).  They also planned to use some of these IED’s to attack soldiers from the American 101st Airborne Division, based in Eastern Afghanistan. The attacks were stopped, IED factory located and destroyed by American Special Forces. Message passed back to Anthony from American military “Job Well Done”.


    Q)        Anthony was tasked by American Military Intelligence and Senior British SAS officers and handed over material on several other highly sensitive subjects; this material is confidential due to on going military and international intelligence operations.


    Statement and interview with Major Campbell, ex-SAAF Intelligence, confirming the above points is also available.


    Major Bill Shaw MBE can also confirm Al-Qaeda-Pakistan Taliban attacks planned, coordinated and commanded from within Pul-i-Charkhi Prison Afghanistan.  Anthony Stephen Malone | Ambassador | Patron| Winner English Veterans Awards | Author 5 Books | Veteran British Paratrooper and former CIA Agent | Guest Speaker for Government-Private-Corporate Clients across Europe and America | Special Adviser | Afghanistan Expert.


Brigadier Jock Fraser MBE Presenting Inspiration of the year award 2023 to Anthony Stephen Malone at the English Veterans Awards - Lifetime Achievement Bronze Award was also presented to Anthony Stephen Malone.

Anthony Stephen Malone | Ambassador | Patron| Winner English Veterans Awards | Author 5 Books | Veteran British Paratrooper and former CIA Agent | Guest Speaker for Government-Private-Corporate Clients across Europe and America | Special Adviser | Afghanistan Expert.

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101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

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Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kurdistan, Iraq

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