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A real eye opener of a book about a former Paratrooper' s descent into the Hell of Pul-i-Chakhi prison and his fight for justice for himself and his friends. Whilst at the same gathering information about the Terrorists also imprisoned there

Brilliant a must read book  February 2019

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Anthony Malone a true hero

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1 February 2019

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28 April 2018
Incredible true story, very good insight into what really goes on in this world.
Patricia I. Smith

24 March 2017

A compelling story of one man's two year imprisonment in Afghanistan and his struggle for justice whilst putting his life at risk to feed intelligence to the Americans. Well worth a read.
Brilliant ...
This book has it all.... first hand account of a true professionals experience in some of the worlds most hostile environments. I could not put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone
I bought this book as a gift for my partner, who loves to read any books or material relating to the army or navy in any country. He told me that he found this book insightful and honest and that it was a pleasure to read. He stated that if Anthony Malone was to write any further books he would definitely read these as well.
D. Teasdale
30 April 2018
Having known the Author for a long time before he enlisted I can verify he served Queen and Country, this was a real eye opener for me and a situation where most people may have just resigned themselves.

Great read, enjoyed every page.
13 April 2018
Loved this book, well worth the read, I was totally hooked and couldn't put it down, I am ex forces and found it totally frank and honest, a lot of us know what goes on and what is covered up, it's a must read
Graham Hilliard
10 January 2018
Great book. This will open your eyes as to what really goes on and about the attitude of the FCO and their questionable actions !!!
Max Gillingham
30 January 2019
It’s a gripping story of our recent military and also hidden military history, it’s a real eye opener into what really happens behind closed doors.
Amazon Customer
17 March 2018
After spending time with Mr Malone i felt his story was too far fetched. I got to know him and apart from being a terrible chess player i found him to be very focused and honourable.
Imagine the suprise i had meeting someone from poli-chalky that worked for the Foreign office the same time as this happend. Part of the team involved with the prison he could confirm somethings. I also have read a book that names and thanks Ant for saving him as his own kind had left him in danger of beheading.
A valuable lesson in life i was tort, watch how people treat someone. He is definitely someone the authorities were worried about and a good guy to know.

Latest Info: Director of Veteran Charity Song. 100 Veterans & Forces Sweetheart. "He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother".

"All Call Signs".
Anthony Stephen Malone Directed the hit Veterans Charity song with the Forces Sweetheart, Children of Veterans, SAS Legend Rusty Firmin and Kirsten Orsborn and Paras with Royal Marines and other Veterans. " He Aint Heavy, he's my brother" to highlight Veteran Suicide, Homeless and PTSD.


Honour Bound Part 1 Covert Operations inside a Terrorist Network & Stopping over 100 Terrorist Attacks on American & British Soldiers.

Honour Bound: Anthony Malone (Rogue Warrior) The True Story - Part 1 (Kindle Edition)

Book 2 Operating Behind Enemy Lines... Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia...


Honour Bound: Anthony Malone (Rogue Warrior) The True Story - Part 1 (Kindle Edition)

Exclusive Photography Collection From Book 1 Honour Bound Rogue Warrior

Afghan Man Using a Mobile Phone

Terrorists use mobile phones in prison, max security, to co-ordinate terrorist attacks on British, American and Canadian (ISAF) soldiers. The British Embassy prison mentors did nothing to stop the attacks for over 2 years, soldiers died due to British Embassy cover-up and their internal politics

Large colour photography book. Faces of Hope is a United Nations Arts Initiative project inspired by the collaboration of Anthony Stephen Malone, The Rogue Warrior and Stephen M. Apatow, Unconventional Leadership Development: From "Living On The Edge" to being the "Cuting Edge".

Another former British Soldier tortured by Afghan authorities under the knowledge of the British Embassy Kabul and FCO. 

Book Talk evening with Rusty Firmin(SAS). Max Vernon(Police Hostage Negotiater). Kevin Hitchmough (Military). Anthony Stephen Malone(3Para & CIA Asset). Epic Military Charity Evening @Liverpool FC.

Anthony Stephen Malone Former Member of the Elite British Parachute Regiment and CIA Asset. 

VIP Black Tie, Book Talk Evenings.

VIP Black Tie, Book Talk Evenings.

Books and Reports by Anthony Stephen Malone.

Anthony Stephen Malone at 17 as a Member of the Elite British Parachute Regiment. 

Anthony Stephen Malone Depot Para Aldershot! 

The Moment Uday & Qusay Sons of Saddam were killed in Mosul Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone During Protection of an Iraqi VIP With American Military Iraq 

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

Anthony Stephen Malone during covert intelligence work inside a Terrorist Network inside max security Afghanistan!

Anthony Stephen Malone during covert intelligence work Iraq!

Anthony Stephen Malone sitting in a Russian Mig Fighter Jet Iraq!

Moments after an IED attack in Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone with David Petraeus and Joe Anderson Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone with Jane weapons trainning Iraq!

Anthony Stephen Malone Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone in Iraq

Gunship over Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone Photograph of an enemy IED in Western Iraq

101st ABD during combat operations Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone, David Petraeus, Joe Anderson and Micheal Linnington during a mission to capture Saddam in northern Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone during a mission to capture Terrorists in northern Iraq

Mission along the Syrian, Iraq Western Border looking for bad guys!

Remembering our fallen Brothers in Arms 101st ABD Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone, Iraq

Mosul Iraq

Iraqi Army Mosul Iraq

101st ABD VCP Mosul Iraq

Afghan man Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Afghanistan

Anthony Stephen Malone Training at a Special Forces Base in Afghanistan

Young Girl Photographed in Kurdistan by Anthony Stephen Malone

Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kabul City, Afghanistan

Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kurdistan, Iraq

Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kurdistan, Iraq

The Laptop used to store over 6000 Photograghs and Reports by Anthony Stephen Malone