Brigadier Jock Fraser MBE Presenting Inspiration of the year award 2023 to Anthony Stephen Malone at the English Veterans Awards - Lifetime Achievement Bronze Award was also presented to Anthony Stephen Malone.

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Anthony Stephen Malone Former CIA Agent and British Paratrooper, came out of retirement to head up, as a veteran, an emergency evacuation team in Afghanistan, Operation Patriot. This resulting in 400 families and children being evacuated or moved to safety through Taliban checkpoints and safe houses. After being in Kabul, Afghanistan for three months Anthony Stephen Malone was taken hostage by the Taliban and kept in a Taliban underground interrogation centre in Kabul for 190 days. There he was beaten and tortured. He was released on 20th June 2022. The New explosive book Honour Bound "Hostage & Evacuation" the 3rd in the Honour Bound Trilogy is exclusive on Amazon. This book details the Security situation, political, economic, women's rights and detailed synopsis of terror groups. Also what happened to six British-nationals and one American while held political hostages by the Taliban for 190 days in an underground interrogation centre. The detailed beatings, torture and ill-treatment are horrifying and the human spirit of military veterans is absolute. A Patriot to the core who will always stand for the flag.

Both shocking and informative, a must read for anyone interested in Afghanistan past, present and future. The book also includes exclusive photographs and documents. During TV interviews with Voice of America and GBNEWS, Anthony Stephen Malone said he shook the hand of one of his torturers before his release.  "No regrets, Job done lives saved".

Unlike in 2010 Anthony Stephen Malone praises the British FCDO Team for their negotiations with the Taliban during the hostage situation. Thank you to British Prime Minister Liz Truss, Lord Ahmad and the FCDO Team. Also thank you to American President Joe Biden and my American friends, brothers and sisters in arms.

Anthony Stephen Malone was also a finalist and winner; English veterans awards, two categories; (Gold) Inspiration of the year and (Bronze) Lifetime achievement award.

Anthony Stephen Malone

Patron | Ambassador | Bodyguard | Elite Operator | Former CIA Agent | Author & Writer 5 Books (Including Honour Bound Trilogy and United Nations Faces of Hope) | Guest Speaker | Lecturer | Host Patriot Show | Veteran Paratrooper | Ex Taliban Hostage 190 Days | Afghanistan expert and special adviser to Goverment & Corporate. 

Many have tried to stop Anthony’s story from being told, they have succeeded.. until now..!! Tasks included; Almost 3 years undercover inside a Terrrorist Network working for the CIA. Over 100 Terrorists Attacks stopped including attacks on Schools, football matches, music events, Buckingham Palace and several other targets across the UK and US. (Including helping to stop 12 suicide bombers in UK and Europe). Lives Saved, Job Done. Synopsis of covert tasks on Documents Page. The books are detailed with corresponding photographs, original reports and documents. From "Living On The Edge" to being the "Cuting Edge". A rare inside firsthand account of what it takes to stop terrorist attacks and save lives.. 


EXPLOSIVE - IT'S OUT! Shocking TRUE story "Operating Behind Enemy Lines..." 15 years in the writing!  Chances are, you’ve never heard of Anthony Malone - yet the chances are good that you are safer because of him.  This 2nd book reveals: how it all started from covert meetings in Cyprus & Lebanon; how his intelligence work expanded in 2002; becoming a "Grade A" source for US/UK Military intelligence and the CIA; crossing every Middle East country - Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait & UAE.  Anthony Malone became the only known Western intelligence agent/asset ever to infiltrate the inner circles of major terrorist networks with close links to al-Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban, ISIS and Hezbollah. Malone drops the bombshell of the inside investigation of the Al-Madina Bank scandal, including exclusive first hand accounts of all terrorist, drug and weapon money laundering by international Governments and banks - banks used in Britain, France, America, Syria, Iraq...  He lays bare the FACTS about the corruption of the UNs 'Oil for Food' program and the bank's links to the Russian Mafia, Mexican drug cartels and terrorist groups, Hezbollah & Project Cassandra (FBI, DEA, CIA, MI6).  Malone was the personnal intelligence officer and head of security for the bank's chairman and owner, heading up the banks International investigation, conducting meetings and liaising with DSGE (Directorate-General for External Security), French intelligence, American FBI and the United Nations Special Task Force (proof includes photographs and documents). In 2006 Malone was personally responsible for stopping several terrorist suicide bomb attacks on British and American military personnel and beach tourists in Southern Cyprus. 'Major D' a senior British Military Intelligence Officer confirmed that all Cyprus terrorist cells and safe houses had been taken out on Malone's intelligence!  Malone also personally intervened – at huge risk to his own life – to prevent a further staggering number of terrorist acts, including: IED attacks on Kurdish and collaboration forces across  Kurdistan, Northern Iraq and Afghanistan; IEDs, suicide attacks; ambush and insider attacks on ISAF Forces. In America his intelligence/actions stopped a Times Square car bomber and in Britain attacks on Buckingham Palace, No 10 Downing Street and Liverpool FC. Colonel Bob Stewart (MP) walked into British MOD HQ in Whitehall with one of Malone and his team's Intelligence reports containing details of 8 suicide bombers on route to UK & Europe, later confirming details of the report in an interview on SKY News.  Intelligence Malone collected from within the fearsome Islamist Haqqani Network and al-Qaeda was a major factor in locating, and leading to the assassination of, Usama bin Laden in 2011 also locating his son and family in Iran. (Confirmed by Senior CIA).  Malone was able to acquire information directly, having gradually won trust during several years of undercover time spent amongst locals within the inner circle of the Haqqani Network, al-Qaeda in Iraq and Pakistani Taliban. He profiled & uncovered many senior terrorist Commanders including Talib Jan - whose running of suicide bombing networks from within British mentored Afghan Prisons for over 3years led to the deaths of large numbers of American/British/ ISAF soldiers. Members of the British Government and their Agencies have tried to cover up this fact.  Malone’s record of high-quality, high-risk intelligence collected over many years across Iraq and Syria is without precedent. He exclusively mapped out highly detailed rat runs used by terrorists to travel undetected between countries including in Europe and Iran. He also showed how terrorists grow and use large amounts of Heroin and Cannabis, within British mentored Afghan prisons including the notorious Pul I Charkhi Max Security Prison in Kabul Afghanistan.  Funds raised from these illegal drugs are used to fund terrorist actions. Malone also details the shocking truth about the British FCO involvement at Al Qoush in Iraq. Saddam's top WMD scientists were covertly extracted to Southern Cyprus before the 2002 Iraq war leaving the scientists children at Al Qoush to be used as leverage by FCO staff! The Scientists confirmed before the war that there were NO WMD, but Saddam did have battlefield chemical weapons. In 2002 Malone located their underground storage facility under the desert of Western Iraq, with the American 101st Airborn  Division. He also uncovered numerous High Value Target locations as well as horrific actions such as the disgraceful cover-up of children's murders and organs being smuggled out of Iraq and Afghanistan, under the full knowledge of British Government officials who turned a blind eye.  Despite all of this, Malone was sold down the river by British Intelligence, due to internal Government politics. His story names all the names and is unique in the annals of intelligence operations. Since his return to the UK, he has been lauded privately by senior figures in US and British military, law enforcement and political circles, many of whom have gone, or are prepared to go, on record in praise of Malone’s outstanding service. Also that he was undercover in an Afghan prison for almost 3 years, feeding high level intelligence back to the CIA. Unlike Spycatcher and similar tales, Malone's story is the fully substantiated truth! This 2nd book is the story of operating behind enemy lines - a roller-coaster ride of emotion, mind blowing risk, personal loss and one man's efforts to save lives against impossible odds through many barbaric and horrific war zones.  The epic 14 year journey into the War of Terror was motivated, when old colleague General David Petraeus (CIA Director) said to Malone "One man can make a difference". This astonishing story is a must read - then look out for already recorded documentaries, explosive interviews, book signings and presentation evenings which include members of his elite team.  The book also describes the psychology of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, their mentality, strategy, current and future alliances - in fact what Western countries can expect from them as they join forces and share intelligence, assets and safe havens, increasing the threat of International terrorism and making detection and prevention ever more difficult. Video, documentary and photographic evidence supporting Malone's stories is lodged with his solicitor.

The truth continues to reveal itself........

Operating Behind Enemy Lines... Epic & Shocking True Story that the British Goverment tryed to Stop...

Anthony Stephen Malone is a former British Elite Paratrooper, CIA Asset and UK citizen. He worked in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East from 2002 to 2019, initially in humanitarian work: delivering food, supplies and medical equipment to hospitals, schools and orphanages behind enemy lines.

Anthony also worked in the field of close protection security services looking after prominent world leaders, Arabian royalty and private business people. Through this he moved into the world of intelligence gathering, learning about our enemies, collecting and passing information to the British and American Governments and the CIA, with the objective of saving lives.

Exceptional success meant Anthony became the 'go to' person for information to help the Western Coalition defeat Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban and he became a very trusted source. But in 2008 he was kidnapped, arrested and illegally imprisoned in Afghanistan. For over 2 and a half years he was tortured and ill treated with the full knowledge of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Embassy in Kabul, who were responsible for caring for British and Commonwealth citizens in the Country. In January 2012 the FCO were forced to admit that Anthony was held illegally. 

Throughout this incredibly dangerous time he continued to pass information to the Western Coalition with 40 highly detailed reports which included incredibly sensitive intelligence. These saved the lives of thousands of British, American and Canadian soldiers and thwarted attacks on Western locations, including a planned attack on Buckingham Palace.

The CIA has confirmed that the report Anthony submitted in 2010 to the CSSP and American intelligence, via an American lawyer based in Afghanistan, identified the compound in Pakistan that housed High Value Target No 1 and resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

In 2010 Anthony was extracted from Afghanistan and returned to Britain by a process known as 'Extreme Rendition'. It was alleged that he had been involved in an incident in 2006 in London and police were ordered to "put Malone in the fridge for a few years to keep him quiet". Senior police officers have confirmed this in interview and also that they were pressured to withhold the evidence that would prove his innocence. 

The truth of this incident will soon be revealed, including the fact that, unbeknown to the FCO, Anthony had been working for the CIA for several years. He had stopped numerous terrorist attacks on British targets  - even on the very Government buildings holding the people trying to silence him to cover up their own disgraceful behaviour and dereliction of duty.

Despite dedicating years of his life - and risking it many times - to save others Anthony Malone was  abandoned by his government with the FCO and the British Embassy in Kabul trying to cover-up the truth to save themselves. It worked while brave people remained in danger as Anthony would not speak out and put them at increased risk, but now they are all safe ..............  Anthony Stephen Malone | Ambassador | Patron| Winner English Veterans Awards | Author 5 Books | Veteran British Paratrooper and former CIA Agent | Guest Speaker for Government-Private-Corporate Clients across Europe and America | Special Adviser | Afghanistan Expert.


Brigadier Jock Fraser MBE Presenting Inspiration of the year award 2023 to Anthony Stephen Malone at the English Veterans Awards - Lifetime Achievement Bronze Award was also presented to Anthony Stephen Malone.

Anthony Stephen Malone | Ambassador | Patron| Winner English Veterans Awards | Author 5 Books | Veteran British Paratrooper and former CIA Agent | Guest Speaker for Government-Private-Corporate Clients across Europe and America | Special Adviser | Afghanistan Expert.

The Patriot Show, Hosted by Anthony Stephen Malone.


Welcome to The Patriot Show. The founder & host Anthony Stephen Malone, Military Veteran has been Special Adviser for Sky News, BBC, CNN, The Sunday Times. Published author of four books including United Nations Arts Initiative "Faces of hope" and the Honour Bound Rogue Warrior collection. The host has called upon over 31 years of Military, Intelligence (CIA Asset) and Combat photographer/Journalist experience and International contacts to bring exclusive interviews from close contacts, including Generals, Senior officers, Heads of State, Political figures, Police, Military and Special Forces, SAS, Delta, Seal Team 6, MI6, CIA, FBI, DEA, Government Officials, Rock Stars & Musicians, Adventurers and Celebrities. All with educational, informative, entertaining and inspirational stories and Interviews.. Enjoy the show

Anthony Stephen Malone Winner of the English veterans awards. (Gold) Inspiration of the year award and (Bronze) Lifetime achievement award. 



 Anthony Stephen Malone interview with GBNEWS London.



Anthony Stephen Malone during Operation Patriot in Afghanistan. 


Honour Bound Part 1 Covert Operations inside a Terrorist Network & Stopping over 100 Terrorist Attacks on American & British Soldiers.

Honour Bound: Anthony Malone (Rogue Warrior) The True Story - Part 1 (Kindle Edition)

Book 2 Operating Behind Enemy Lines... Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia...


Honour Bound: Anthony Malone (Rogue Warrior) The True Story - Part 1 (Kindle Edition)

Exclusive Photography Collection From Book 1 Honour Bound Rogue Warrior

Afghan Man Using a Mobile Phone

Terrorists use mobile phones in prison, max security, to co-ordinate terrorist attacks on British, American and Canadian (ISAF) soldiers. The British Embassy prison mentors did nothing to stop the attacks for over 2 years, soldiers died due to British Embassy cover-up and their internal politics

Going Rogue With Anth. Anthony Stephen Malone, The Rogue Warrior From "Living On The Edge" to being the "Cuting Edge". Author of the Honour Bound Rogue Warrior series.

Going Rogue With Anth. Anthony Stephen Malone, The Rogue Warrior From "Living On The Edge" to being the "Cuting Edge". Author of the Honour Bound Rogue Warrior series.

Large colour photography book. Faces of Hope is a United Nations Arts Initiative project inspired by the collaboration of Anthony Stephen Malone, The Rogue Warrior and Stephen M. Apatow, Unconventional Leadership Development: From "Living On The Edge" to being the "Cuting Edge".

Another former British Soldier tortured by Afghan authorities under the knowledge of the British Embassy Kabul and FCO. 

Book Talk evening with Rusty Firmin(SAS). Max Vernon(Police Hostage Negotiater). Kevin Hitchmough (Military). Anthony Stephen Malone(3Para & CIA Asset). Epic Military Charity Evening @Liverpool FC.

Anthony Stephen Malone Former Member of the Elite British Parachute Regiment and CIA Asset. 

VIP Black Tie, Book Talk Evenings.

VIP Black Tie, Book Talk Evenings.

Books and Reports by Anthony Stephen Malone.

Anthony Stephen Malone at 17 as a Member of the Elite British Parachute Regiment. 

Anthony Stephen Malone Depot Para Aldershot! 

The Moment Uday & Qusay Sons of Saddam were killed in Mosul Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone During Protection of an Iraqi VIP With American Military Iraq 

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

101st Airborne Divison

Anthony Stephen Malone during covert intelligence work inside a Terrorist Network inside max security Afghanistan!

Anthony Stephen Malone during covert intelligence work Iraq!

Anthony Stephen Malone sitting in a Russian Mig Fighter Jet Iraq!

Moments after an IED attack in Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone with David Petraeus and Joe Anderson Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone with Jane weapons trainning Iraq!

Anthony Stephen Malone Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone in Iraq

Gunship over Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone Photograph of an enemy IED in Western Iraq

101st ABD during combat operations Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone, David Petraeus, Joe Anderson and Micheal Linnington during a mission to capture Saddam in northern Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone during a mission to capture Terrorists in northern Iraq

Mission along the Syrian, Iraq Western Border looking for bad guys!

Remembering our fallen Brothers in Arms 101st ABD Iraq

Anthony Stephen Malone, Iraq

Mosul Iraq

Iraqi Army Mosul Iraq

101st ABD VCP Mosul Iraq

Afghan man Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Afghanistan

Anthony Stephen Malone Training at a Special Forces Base in Afghanistan

Young Girl Photographed in Kurdistan by Anthony Stephen Malone

Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kabul City, Afghanistan

Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kurdistan, Iraq

Children Photographed by Anthony Stephen Malone in Kurdistan, Iraq

The Laptop used to store over 6000 Photograghs and Reports by Anthony Stephen Malone